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For applicants making definite reservation by May 31, we offer the 10 day-Medical Dolphin Therapy Program in Kemer Dolphinpark for a special fee of 3500 Euros instead of the regular 4000 Euros.

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Following 10 days with our staff and the dolphins a child subsequently learns two to ten times more during one year as reported by teachers and therapists.

Soulscience School Antalya presents patients and families highly individualized programs based on their needs and therapeutic aims.

The work lasts 10 days. Everyday the patient swims with an Aphalina dolphin for 30 minutes. Following that there are therapeutic activities with the child and family.

Patients leave Antalya Soulscience School with unforgetable memories. They often claim that the 10 days they spent with us has been the best time of their life. Many return again, we have had patients returning over a period of ten years.

The Soulscience School’s mission for long term results in most cases has been reported as successfully achieved.

Dolphin Therapy is a form of complimentary medicine with impressive psychotherapeutic and psychosomatic results.

The effect of the experience with Aphalina Dolphins includes improvement of mood, awareness, concentration and  motivation. Patients report feelings of joy, serenity, tranquility and lasting well-being.

Dolphins are known to be « human friendly. » Tell your most traumatic experience to an Aphalina Dolphin and you will be surprised to notice the effect; feelings of despondency are replaced by joy and elation.

There is a Greek myth from 5000 years ago which explains why dolphins help human beings. The myth says that some pirates disrespectful to God Dionysos, were cursed, transformed into dolphins, and thrown to the sea. Because dolphins want to be forgiven and become human again they save the lives of people  and work towards healing.

Dolphin therapy enhances life and increases well-being for a better future.

Dolphin therapy offers a life connecting experience to those in need of help to find a relationship with the world and their surroundings.

Dolphins are gentle creatures who enjoy working with and helping people. Patients also enjoy interacting with them. This kind of interaction encourages the capacity to relate and be more at ease in the outside world.

Families and teachers have reported increased and lasting learning processes. The children learn much more in private schooling and therapies than they had previously. Children develop a new relationship with the dolphins where they feel acknowledged and welcomed. It is a relationship free of prejudice which encourages progression in many aspects of life and provides inner peace.

Dolphin Therapy is a form of complimentary medicine with impressive psychosomatic results. The dolphin uses his vital bio-energy to communicate with the patient.

Dolphins are emissaries from the depths of the oceans. As they surge up they lift one emotionally. With their subtle intelligence and radar they have been known to target mysteriously affected areas in people.

Dolphins are playful and endearing and are historically and mythologically known to be committed to helping humans. There are many myths that explain why and how dolphins are helpful and human friendly.

Results Reported by Families and Teachers

  • Accelerated learning process

  • Increased attention span

  • Enhanced concentration, compassion, and interest in the outside world

  • Improved social, linguistic and motor skills

  • Stronger immune system

  • Decreased anxiety and depression

  • Increased courage, self-confidence, and inner peace

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