My name is Adrienn. I’m a physiotherapist from Hungary. I’m working with multiply handicapped children for 12 years.

I do physiotherapy, hidroterpy and I’m working with animal assested therapy with them.

I think the dolphintherapy is one of the most effective animal assested therapies , to support the development of the nervous system.

The last 10 days I was working with a child with Angelman Syndrom. We worked with the dolphins, every day and I gave hidrotherapy sessions to him. He likes the water very much.

The mooving coordination, the ballance become better
He developed lot during the dolphintherapy process.

  • Walking became more stabil and well ballanced (He could went up the stairs allone)
  • The motivation of doing something allone, to solve problems was better
  • The cooperation, concentration and communication skills were getting better
  • It was also a big step of the development, that he began to play (with us and with toys as well)
  • He was getting more relaxed
  • The Stereotyped Movements were recreased- e.g. biting, grab, pulling hair, to put all thing in his mouth were reduced


I suggested the parents


  • to keep on working with animals (e.g. hyppotherapy, dog assisted therapy, repeat dolphintherapy)
  • to do water bodywork therapies and hydrotherapy
  • to do sensomotoric training, art therapy and ergotherapy
  • try to teach him for self-sufficiency and self-determination -put on the dress, to eat, drink, go to the toilet (it was getting also better)
  • enter into new ways of communication, like PCS pictures would be also effective


So we ended a very successfull, 10 days therapy process. The therapy theam of the child must be working on the further development in the future.