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Dolphin therapy inAntalya for abused kids

ANTALYA – Three Luxembourg children who were subjected to violence in their families and sent to childcare centers by the state will receive dolphin therapy in Antalya. The first visitors to the Antalya Dolphin Therapy Center are three children who were badly treated and subjected to abuse by their own …

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Delfines kalandra fel!

Delfines kalandra fel!!! ???? Ma este Murat doktor bácsi eljött hozzánk a hotelbe. Eddig csak telefonon vagy e-mailben beszélgettünk; az első személyes találkozásunk ma volt. Igazából még kedvesebb mint gondoltuk, Botival azonnal megtalálta a közös hangot (mondjuk Botival nem is nehéz 😉 ). Reggeli után küldi értünk az autót és …

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Internship Portfolio – Charlotte Raine

Soulscience School Dolphin Therapy: Antalya Turkey 2015 Internship Portfolio Charlotte Raine Professor DeCatalado CSLG 4900 July 2015   Table of Contents Letter of Gratitude to Soulscience School Goals & Reflection of Goals History of Soulscience School Organizational Chart of Soulscience School Population Serviced Services Provided Soulscience School Funding Case Study …

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Aicardi Syndrome

Aicardi syndrome is a disorder that occurs almost exclusively in females. It is characterized by three main features that occur together in most affected individuals. People with Aicardi syndrome have absent or underdeveloped tissue connecting the left and right halves of the brain (agenesis or dysgenesis of the corpus callosum). …

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At Dolphintherapy… I’d like to share with you my newest success story with a hungarian boy, Levi, who attended to the summer-dolphintherapy program in 2015! The program was incredible successfull, the little boy has developed so much! We had a 10 day dolphintherapy program in the summer of 2015, in …

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