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Delfines kalandra fel!

Delfines kalandra fel!!! ???? Ma este Murat doktor bácsi eljött hozzánk a hotelbe. Eddig csak telefonon vagy e-mailben beszélgettünk; az első személyes találkozásunk ma volt. Igazából még kedvesebb mint gondoltuk, Botival azonnal megtalálta a közös hangot (mondjuk Botival nem is nehéz 😉 ). Reggeli után küldi értünk az autót és …

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Maldivs Medical Dolphin Therapy

Five families from Maldives benefited from medical dolphin therapy program of Soulscience School Antalya.  Five special need children (Down syndrome, autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, ADHD) and one normal child with their parents participated to following activities for ten days: Five tennis lessons for children, five swimming lessons for  all children …

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When Andrei, who suffers from Charge Syndrome, was born, he was unable neither to see nor to hear and as he was also incapable of swallowing, he had to be fed through a PEG-tube. Although the doctors said that there was nothing to be done, Andrei’s family found a shaman …

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Eirik opens our dolphin therapy season 2012

Eirik, who also took part at the dolphin therapy last year, sounded the bell for the therapy season 2012. Eirik’s parents are very content with his increased social abilities and grown interest for sports since last year’s therapy. They also told us, that Eirik was learning ice-skating and had started playing …

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Ramazan knows more words now

Hi, I’m Veysel Caner from the Netherlands. We brought our son Ramazan Caner last July. Our son had a 5-day therapy and after that we could see its benefits. Ramazan knows much more words now and tries to speak more often. He is showing every effort to do so. . …

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David Stescu from Romania

David is now 5 years and 6 months old. As you know, he started ABA therapy in october 2010 and also other complementary therapies – occupational therapy – art therapy, logopedy. The visit in Antalya and the dolphin therapy had an tremendous effect on David. It was like a catalyzer …

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