Lissencephaly, which literally means smooth brain, is a rare brain formation disorder caused by defective neuronal migration during the 12th to 24th weeks of gestation, resulting in a lack of development of brain folds (gyri) and grooves (sulci).[1] It is a form of cephalic disorder. Terms such as ‘agyria’ (no gyri) or ‘pachygyria’ (broad gyri) are used to describe the appearance of the surface of the brain. Children with lissencephaly are severely neurologically impaired and often die within several [...]

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Katerina Kapasouri

Intern Date: July 2011 My name is Kapasouri Katerina and I am a professor of Adapted Physical Education from Greece. I am working in the field of rehabilitation for people with disabilities and to be more specific I am specialized in Therapeutic Swimming. Depending on my studies and my working experience, I know that water is working therapeutically, not only to our body but also to our soul. Therefore, the challenge for me was to find out if Dolphin Therapy [...]

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Cure The dolphin therapy lasts ten days. Every day (except Mondays) the children swim with the dolphins for half an hour. Afterwards they attend the dolphin show. When the children see the dolphins painting, singing, playing with a ball, rolling around, doing somersaults and racing through the water, they feel that they can share much more activities with the dolphins. The bio-energy – the vital energy which the dolphin uses to communicate with the child, improves the alertness, the awareness, the feeling [...]

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