David is now 5 years and 6 months old.
As you know, he started ABA therapy in october 2010 and also other complementary therapies – occupational therapy – art therapy, logopedy.

The visit in Antalya and the dolphin therapy had an tremendous effect on David.
It was like a catalyzer for a chain reaction..

Before comming to dolphin therapy, David was able to compose only 2 or maximum 3 words sentences.
Now he is making even 6 words sentences.

Also his ability to learn has increase and we are happy to see that he knows thing about we talked only once…

He has a great pleasure remembering about nice events in his life.
He is also happy to talk about these events.

We play symbolic games about Dolphin Land, dolphins, Sea Life Hotel, Antalya and all of you are part of David’s day by day life

He is very atentive and he learned important things like now, tomorrow, today, my room and many other.
I will try to post also on his website more things in english and I will send you links, maybe you use them on your website.

We have no words to thank you enough….