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Dolphin Therapy 2012 | Murat Kemaloglu, a soul whisperer

It has been a tough decision to take and a long time desire.  We needed a lot of money to take David to dolphin therapy this year too. Honestly we almost gave up hoping that we would do it and only several phone calls from Dr. Murat convinced us to …

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When Andrei, who suffers from Charge Syndrome, was born, he was unable neither to see nor to hear and as he was also incapable of swallowing, he had to be fed through a PEG-tube. Although the doctors said that there was nothing to be done, Andrei’s family found a shaman …

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Eirik opens our dolphin therapy season 2012

Eirik, who also took part at the dolphin therapy last year, sounded the bell for the therapy season 2012. Eirik’s parents are very content with his increased social abilities and grown interest for sports since last year’s therapy. They also told us, that Eirik was learning ice-skating and had started playing …

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ايريك يفتتح موسمنا العلاجي لعام 2012

     خضع ايريك للمعالجه بالدلافين عام 2011 وها هو الآن يفتتح الموسم العلاجي لعام  2012.عبر والدا ايريك عن سعادتهما بسبب تحسن أداء ايريك الاجتماعي ونمو اهتمامه بالرياضة بعد المعالجة في العام الماضي، كما أخبرونا أيضا أن ايريك أصبح يمارس رياضة التزلج على الجليد.

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دافيد ستيسكو من رومانيا

دافيد عمره خمس سنوات و نصف.  بدأ دافيد برنامج علاج التحليل السلوكي – ABA  therapy   في شهر تشرين الأول عام 2010 و خضع أيضا لعدة علاجات مكملة. الزيارة لأنطاليا و المعالجة بالدلافين كان لها أثر مدهش على دافيد, لقد كانت محفز الى التفاعلات المتسلسلة.  قبل المعالجة بالدلافين كان بمقدرة دافيد …

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David Stescu from Romania

David is now 5 years and 6 months old. As you know, he started ABA therapy in october 2010 and also other complementary therapies – occupational therapy – art therapy, logopedy. The visit in Antalya and the dolphin therapy had an tremendous effect on David. It was like a catalyzer …

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