When Andrei, who suffers from Charge Syndrome, was born, he was unable neither to see nor to hear and as he was also incapable of swallowing, he had to be fed through a PEG-tube. Although the doctors said that there was nothing to be done, Andrei’s family found a shaman who started to perform healing therapies for 3 years. Andrei was then able to see with one eye and hear with one ear and his ability to swallow made him get rid of the PEG-tube. The shaman told Andrei that he was a dolphin in his previous life and that he would benefit a lot from a dolphin therapy. Now Andrei is taking part at the dolphin therapy of the Soulscience School Antalya and both, the dolphins and Andrei, have taken each other into their hearts. You can follow all the information about the development of Andrei on our website.