My name is Rachel Hurst; I am currently working as an intern at the Soulscience School, Antalya, Turkey. Soulscience School is a facility dedicated to helping people with problems and disabilities through Dolphin Therapy.

Dr Murat Kemaloglu founded Soulscience School in 1989, the first dolphin therapy facility at the time in turkey, to provide a complementary medicine which has impressive psychotherapeutic effects. Throughout the years Dr Murat Kemaloglu has helped people from all around the world who have found positive results after their time at Soulscience School and many patients have returned year after year to carry on with the therapy.

While training at the Soulscience School I have been able to work hands on with all the patients while in the water with the dolphins and have been able to experience the joy and changes within each individual client.

Three year old David from Romania! David was developing normally for his age and could speak many different words. However at the age of two David was diagnosed with Autism and Duane Syndrome and lost many of his natural abilities. This was David’s’ first dolphin therapy session and after his time with us his parents were extremely happy with David’s progress and saw immediate development in David’s social abilities and speech, recognising improvements in the wide variety of words David was speaking each day. They plan to return next year.

Five year old Alexia from Romania! At the age of three Alexia suffered from an Acute Psychotic breakdown and became extremely distressed and aggressive, resulting in being expelled from kindergarden. Alexia first came to the Soulscience School last year for six days, and after the therapy and returning home, her parents reported how she had stopped all forms of aggression, was not screaming regularly and was able to cooperate socially. During her second dolphin therapy session it was observed that she was alot quieter, calmer and co-operative. She has since been accepted to a new kindergarden and will be joining us again next year.

Seven year old Alexander from Germany! Three years ago Alex was diagnosed with Autism, had extremely limited speech and a hyper activity disorder. Due to this Alex has not been accepted to a normal school. This is Alex’s third time at dolphin therapy and major improvements have been seen after each session. Alex is now a sociable child who enjoys forming relationships and interests with other children, something that was not possible before. Alex’s social motor skills and linguistic skills have improved each year and his parents are so pleased with his progress that they will be returning again soon. We hope to hear from them soon with news of school acceptance.

Twelve year old Christina from Germany! When Christina was born she suffered from three epileptic seizures which are now controlled with medication. At the age of six months old it was clear to see that Christina was not developing at the normal rate and was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental disorder with no reasoning behind it. Christina suffers with lack of communication, coordination and lack of attention span. This is her second time at the Soulscience School and since her last visit Christina has shown high improvements in all aspects. Throughout this week Christina has become more interactive with the trainers and has communicated her needs well. Her parents are very pleased that she is now able to swim with the dolphins alone this year.

The Soulscience School does not just accept individual patients for dolphin therapy but also organisations from around the world that help in improving young people’s lives. THE DREAM OF THE LITTLE PRINCE ASSOCIATION run by Natalie and Patrick Gouden is an organisation for dolphin therapy for traumatised children in residential homes. The organisation bring three children twice a year from a residential home based in Luxembourg and are supported by the Link letter Law company in London, England.

I provide this newsletter to share the experiences that people with disabilities have through dolphin therapy to allow businesses and families to see firsthand information about how dolphin therapy can really help someone.  Each month the newsletter will provide up to date information about patients and dolphin therapy.

The Soulscience School provides a ten day dolphin therapy session for patients, however shorter sessions can be organised. Swimming with dolphins is available every day except Monday and a dolphin show is also held in the afternoon. There are many activities on offer for the patients to participate in whilst here in Turkey, including Aqua land which is right next door to the therapy in Dolphin land.

Please feel free to forward this newsletter to families and friends that will benefit from this information, and ask they forward their email details to Rachel Hurst.


QUESTIONS AND ENQUIRES CONTACT: [email protected] regarding any questions and enquires you might have.)