The dolphin therapy lasts ten days. Every day (except Mondays) the children swim with the dolphins for half an hour. Afterwards they attend the dolphin show. When the children see the dolphins painting, singing, playing with a ball, rolling around, doing somersaults and racing through the water, they feel that they can share much more activities with the dolphins. The bio-energy – the vital energy which the dolphin uses to communicate with the child, improves the alertness, the awareness, the feeling of goodness, the interest of the child for the surrounding world and accelerates the learning process of the child from double to tenfold. The patient experiences the positive benefit and the challenge of this ten day therapy up to one year. During this time the children learn much more than by the  private schooling or therapies which they had already attended. The dolphins and the children develop new relationships in which the feeling of acknowledgement and admiration are lived intensely, and a relation free of prejudice is built up. This relationship makes the children happy and gives them inner peace. The controlled work has proved that swimming with dolphins has a depression diminishing result. The hormones of happiness – the endorphins, increase. Positive developments in the brain through the Alpha waves start and the number of T cells that generate the anti corps and immoglobulines begin to work. Studies have shown that the ultrasound waves emitted by the dolphins even have the power to heal wounds. The Behaviourism emphasises that swimming with dolphins is a big treat for children with specific needs and that this can be used to enforce the learning process. If one examines the transmission between dolphin and child one can see that the dolphin therapy is a very interesting and efficient method of psychotherapy: One of the most eminent psychiatrists of the 20th century, Dr. Carl Gustav Jung, emphasises that the confrontation with the luminosity of an archetype of a symbol has healing effects. The symbol of the dolphin comports many meanings and associations with mythology. The patient experiences the healing effect through the confrontation with this symbol experienced throughıut the dolphin therapy.