Five families from Maldives benefited from medical dolphin therapy program of Soulscience School Antalya.  Five special need children (Down syndrome, autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, ADHD) and one normal child with their parents participated to following activities for ten days: Five tennis lessons for children, five swimming lessons for  all children and two extra swimming lessons  for Ahzam who was suffering from deep water fobia. Ten dolphin swim for half an hour for each special need child, one half an hour dolphin swim for the parents and healthy child. Ahzam was also prescribed antiphobic medication. A trip to Tahtalı (2360m high Mountain) the children experienced taking a lift, playing with snow and sitting in clouds. Parasailing for each family member. They all enjoy this flying experience.  Visiting Nomads Tents. Bubble massage in Turkish bath for children. Horse riding for everybody.  Excursion to Dinosaurs Park. Guided imagination music therapy and listening to tenor opera singer. Bioenergetics blood test for sixteen people.  The eleventh day all the family members spent the day in downtown Antalya for shopping.

The aim of our therapy program is: 1- Accelerated learning process, 2- Increased attention span, 3- Enhanced concentration, compassion, and interest in the outside world, 4- Improved social, linguistic and motor skills, 5- Stronger immune system, 6- Increased courage, self-confidence, and inner peace, 7- Decreased depression and fobias, 8- The effects of the therapy last approximately one year.

The children will learn two to ten times more from their teachers and therapists during following year.