This year, Marc Fabian took part in the Dolphin Therapy for the third time. This time he was accompanied by his teacher, 21 year-old Mrs. Michaele Maya de Marca, who has known him for six years. Michaele talked to us about Marc:
“It is supposed that Marc suffers from a genetic defect of the 3rd or 4th chromosome.
After the first therapy, he said “Mother” for the first time. When asked, where he actually was, he began to gesture “I’m here” and, furthermore, he begun to touch his nose when seeing himself in the mirror.
After the second therapy he learned to eat without help. He was now able to express his wishes and to tell his friends, that he wanted to play with them. He also began to play alone. On the whole, it had become easier for him to move.
During the third therapy he learned to submerge those next to him into the water and he also began to play hide and seek. “