At the same hour every day, the disabled children swims with the dolphins individually for 30 minutes. The person is in direct communication with the dolphin; the child caresses, kisses the dolphin and the dolphin in turn swims with him or her and sings to him or her. A relationship between the dolphin and the participant forms and it induces happiness. A sense of joy and tranquility that cannot be experienced otherwise is experienced. This work is carried out under the supervision of Dr. Murat Kemaloğlu, dolphin trainer and physical education teachers experienced in working with and training disabled children.

Children swim with the dolphins for 30 minutes and this increase their attention and curiosity towards the outer world. Makes them benefit more and more from human relations. As a result, an increase in the learning rates of those children who are under physiotherapy, speaking disorder therapy, attending special educations. Following the Dolphin Therapy, the disabled children shall be able to learn a behavior or information that would take 6 months or a full year even, in under 1 – 2 months on the average. Increase in the learning rate lasts for a 6 months period or for a full year. * To prevent the children from getting cold, a special diver’s suit will be necessary. Parents are advised to obtain one for their children before coming to therapy.